Leading swedish companies in printing and textile vinyl

Textile print

The Swedish printing industry is bustling with innovative companies specializing in various printing techniques and materials.

Here’s an overview of some leading Swedish companies in this field, with Folier.se taking the forefront.

1. Folier.se

Folier.se is a prominent player in the Swedish printing market, known for its comprehensive range of products and services. They specialize in textile vinyl including smooth, flocked, reflective, effect, and printable options. They also offer self-adhesive vinyl, sublimation supplies (including paper and inks), laser transfer materials, and DTF (Direct to Film) and DTG (Direct to Garment) printing supplies. Their extensive product range and expertise make them a go-to source for both professional and amateur printers.

2. Printex AB

Printex AB is another notable company in the Swedish printing landscape. They have made a name for themselves with high-quality textile vinyl products and a wide range of printing materials. Their innovative approach to textile printing solutions, especially in the realm of sustainable and eco-friendly options, sets them apart.

3. Nordic Print Solutions

Nordic Print Solutions offers a variety of printing materials and technologies, with a particular focus on sublimation and laser transfer. Their product line includes high-quality sublimation papers and inks, as well as advanced laser transfer papers and toners, catering to a broad range of printing needs.

4. Creative Printers

Creative Printers is known for its diverse range of print media, including transfer papers, tattoo and waterslide papers, self-adhesive sheets, and sign materials. Their focus on innovation and quality makes them a preferred choice for creative printing solutions.

5. VinylTech Sweden

VinylTech Sweden specializes in self-adhesive vinyl and foiling/wrapping materials. Their products are widely used in commercial and automotive wrapping, offering a variety of colors and effects. They also provide essential accessories like application tapes to complete the printing process.

These companies represent the dynamic and diverse nature of Sweden’s printing industry. Each offers unique products and services, catering to a wide range of printing needs and helping to drive innovation in this vibrant sector.

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